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Alpine Scheibenenteiser thaws the frozen panes in the cold season. Removes ice and hoarfrost on all windows and ensures a clear view.
  • very good de-icing performance
  • fully biodegradable
  • Paint, rubbers and polycarbonate panes are not attacked
Alpine Scheibenenteiser is methanol-free and as a water-miscible liquid with a flash point above 21°C not subject to the regulations of the VbF.

Ingredients: Alcohols, Surfactants, Preservation agents, Dyes and fragrances

Prod.-No. Container Unit/carton SU/units Pallet/GHV Price unit
0101262 1 ltr. 20 600 Flasche
0101261 0,5 ltr. 12 840 Pumpe


Application notes
Spray Alpine Scheibenenteiser evenly onto the icy surface from a distance of approx. 15 cm using the spray bottle. After a short exposure time, the thawing effect sets in and the ice can be freed from the pane.
• effective at temperatures down to -30 °C
• spraying in the evening reduces the freezing overnight
• defrosts frozen door locks

Data sheets:
Product data sheet
Safety data sheet