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Alpine RS 0W-30 is a HC-synthetic high-performance fueleconomy engine oil for the highest performance requirements of petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars.
Base oils of the latest HC-synthetic technology and a matching innovative additive clearly exceed today‘s practical requirements. Excellent cold-start behaviour ensures optimum lubrication reliability in the cold-running phase. Extreme loads and high temperatures are safely mastered.
A targeted combination of active ingredients of the latest technology, which is specially adapted to the HC-synthetic components used, guarantees extremely high wear protection, protection against deposits and black sludge as well as high engine cleanliness.
Due to high fuel savings, ALPINE RS 0W-30 contributes to environmental protection by reducing emissions.
Prod.-No. Container Unit/carton SU/units Pallet/GHV Price unit
0100245 208 ltr. X 2 barrel
0100244 60 ltr. X 6 barrel
0100243 20 ltr. X 36 canister
0100242 5 ltr. 4 120 canister
0100241 1 ltr. 20 720 can


Application notes:
Alpine RS 0W-30 is the top product for passenger car - petrol - and diesel engines of the latest generation. The currently highest demands on car engine oils are met with a large reserve, even with extended oil change intervals.
Observe manufacturer‘s instructions.


BMW Longlife-01
MB 229.5 / 229.3
Opel GM-LL-A-025 / GM-LL-B-025
Renault RN 0700 / 0710
Volvo VCC 95200356
VW 502 00 / 505 00
*meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer

Data sheets:
Product data sheet
Safety data sheet