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Alpine Longlife 12 FE 0W-30 is an ash-reduced and fuel-saving engine oil for modern BMW engines. The fuel saving also reduces CO2 emissions. The novel additive technology with significantly reduced amounts of ash-forming substances optimally protects the diesel particulate filter from contamination (LOW-SAPS formula).
Alpine Longlife 12 FE 0W-30 facilitates cold starts at low temperatures and protects the engine from corrosion and deposits. The engine oil based on synthesis technology thus enables the engine to be kept almost factory clean.
Prod.-No. Container Unit/carton SU/units Pallet/GHV Price unit
0101485 208 ltr. X 2 barrel
0101484 60 ltr. X 6 barrel
0101483 20 ltr. X 36 canister
0101482 5 ltr. 4 120 canister
0101481 1 ltr. 20 720 can


Application notes:
Alpine Longlife 12 FE 0W-30 is only suitable for approved BMW diesel engines from model year 2014 (all 3-cylinder B37 engines, 4- cylinder engines from 2014 and 6-cylinder engines from model year 2013) with max. 1 turbocharger. In addition, the engine oil is suitable for all BMW petrol engines from model year 2002 in the EU region, including Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


BMW Longlife 12 FE


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